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Our responsibility

• We think and act quality-oriented. Our common aim is the sustainable increase of the business success.
   We achieve this with satisfied customers.

• Our customers’ expectations are the focus of our striving for permanent improvement and further
   development of all processes and products as well as the contact to customers and suppliers.

• We will expand our importance to our customers sustainably by perfect products, technological lead
   and on-time deliveries. We work quality-oriented, efficient and reliable.

• We will be a development partner for our customers and offer a real additional benefit with our high added value.

• Loyal, motivated, well qualified and creative employees are the key factors for the quality of our products.
   The management of CosMed feels obliged to support and strengthen the awareness, the responsibility as
   wells as the competence for quality of each employee in every phase of the productivity to maintain a
   continuous improvement process.

• The responsibility for actuated qualification lies with the management as well as with the employees.
   The company supports this by suitable advanced training offers.

• Dependable relations to and trustful cooperation with customers and suppliers create the condition
   for innovative solutions to mutual use.

• The permanent improvement of our business and management processes is a significant contribution
   for our future business.



Plastic is our life