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In the food sector we offer the production, assembly and packing in customer-specific sales packaging. Injection moulding of crystal clear parts and screen fabric within clean room enviroment is possible.

Water filter systems

When manufacturing water filter systems, we take on all of the production processes for our customers. This includes all worksteps from injection moulding right through to complete assembly and packaging in finished sales packagings.

The water filter systems are particularly characterised by:

  • Crystal clear manufacture
  • Sieves in an injection moulding process
  • High resistance to bursting pressure

Valves for foodstuffs

Valve for filling flexi-tanks with chemical substances or foodstuffs

Application examples for chemical substances:

Oils, emulsions, dispersions, latex, silicones, silicates, paints

Application examples for foodstuffs:

Wine, cooking oil, fruit juices, concentrate, syrup, water etc.

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